Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Systems

We specialise in all types of Underfloor Heating Systems. Flow's professional knowledge and experience of installation in Underfloor Heating is one of the best in the UK and often used on the most demanding projects. See below for information on the different types of underfloor heating systems.

Low Profile system

Ideal for projects where floor height is at a premium and used in new build and renovation projects, low profile systems are fast becoming popular in the industry. System has thin as 16mm are available to better manage the floor build up. Most systems are also compatible with ceramic and stone flooring meaning you can bond your final floor finish directly to the system thus saving vital space at floor level.


Clip to Rail system

For use with floating screeded floors, this reliable underfloor heating systems is often used in new build projects where we are able to bring the sub floor level up to the ground floor level of the building with a screed ready for floor finishing.

Clip and Insulation system

Here we use clips evenly spaced to hold the UFH pipe onto the insulation board, this helps distribute the heat evenly across the insulation thus creating a warm slab. The clip and insulation system is then finished with a liquid flowing screed to ensure the maximum transfer of heat.


Floating Floor and Routed Board system

A faster drying alternative to a screed option is to use dry insulation boards. The insulation boards sit directly onto a series of diffuser plates that allow the floor to reach the target temperature much quicker than screed systems.

Reinforced (Steel) / Grid system

Where necessary underfloor heating pipe can be attached to structural steel grids. This works especially well as the steel conducts the heat evenly across the surface ensuring an even surface temperature.


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Get in touch to speak to a member of the Flow team now